Training In Malta

Diving Matrix often runs courses and trips to the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo. The diving conditions are pretty stunning here most of the year. Both Paul and Oli have lived and worked on Malta and thus itimately knowledable about it's interesting road behaviour, and many underwater rusty pearls it holds.

Oli entering Um El Faroud

Diving in Malta is a bit gentler than back home, there is no slack window, the water is warm and clear, the beer generally cold, and the divesites plentiful and easily accessible.

Yes the island is set up for divers it seems, as one of Malta's main tourism attractions (well that and churches, there are hundreds) the maltese tourism board does a lot of work to keep the dive industry happy.

Most accessible wrecks are purpose sunk, and although there are many many genuine wrecks, most of them are not released yet for public diving due to historical value.

On the left you see Oli entering the Faroud, an old Oil tanker of rather large proportions, purpose sunk at Zurrieq for divers to explore. Large opens have been cut out allowing divers to enter the superstructure with relative ease.

In 2017, Diving Matrix has run a range of courses in Malta.

We've had several RAID DECO 50 programmes, a couple of DECO 50 Instructor programs, all on open Circuit. Paul's been out and has taught CCR DECO 60 programs, Sentinel Instructor courses, JJ-CCR crossovers, CCR Hypoxic courses, and CCR Instructor and IT courses. It's been a busy year for Matrix after it's reboot, and we are sure 2018 will see a few benchmark trips to Malta for good measure!

Dive Sites

Malta and Gozo have many excellent dive sites Diving Matrix uses for it's Technical Training, the main ones are:

  • • Cirkewwa, P29 & Rozie
    • X127, Manoel Island
    • Zurieq, Um El Faroud, and Reef
    • Imperial Eagle, Boat dive
    • Gozo Wrecks, MV Karwella & Cominoland
    • HMS Stubborn, Boat dive
    • Le Polynesien, Boat dive
    • Inland Sea, cavern and reef Gozo
    • Southwold, Boat Dive
    • Ras il-Hobz, Middle Finger, Gozo

    To name a few, these sites provide access to the water and depth we require prettymuch all year around. The magic of Malta, if it's bad weather on one side, it's genreally ok on the other.

Paul, Jack, Enzo & Oli diving one of the local Charters

Oli getting ready to offer in water support on a Hypoxic course in Gozo, Inland Sea

Diving Matrix is happy to take you and your group to Malta to manage your trip and guide you on the local wrecks, we charge a 1 off inclusive fee that covers you for pretty much everything. Maybe you want a nice recreational trip, or you want to spend hours decompressing, we're happy supporting al your needs.

Diving Matrix is always happy and able to support other pro's in need of guiding or in water support. If you're in malta and you need, rock solid in water support and local knowledge we have the team to provide you with the above. If we can't help you, we are sure we can point you in the right direction and get you some epic local assistance.

Meeting up with local collegues for practice sessions

Technical Diving Gozo

Cirkewwa In the Blue Free Ascents

Gozo Wrecks Deco Course

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