Nitrogen Narcosis

The article below restates the 'how to deal with' found in many popular dive course manuals, but here at Matrix we love HELIUM!!!! (squeaky voices are fun).

Seriously......Helium gives you a 'virtual' depth, what does that mean? Well, that you can make a deeper dive, (lets say 40m) and feel like you're at 20m from a narcosis point of view, we call that a 'Virtual Depth'.

You say...."Yeah but wait there, I'm not a technical diver, that Helium stuff is far too complicated"......well no.... We offer the RAID Deep 40 course, and/or Deco 40 course, BOTH recreational programs that introduce the moderate use of Helium, for recreational divers. It might not give you as much of a squeaky voice as you like, but it will certainly take the narcosis out.

Welcome to 2017, the future is now!

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Original Article, SportDiver (Link:

Nitrogen narcosis can be a scary and confusing subject for many divers. Some divers feel they are not affected by it at all, and some let a fear of narcosis limit their diving.

Nitrogen narcosis is a state of drowsiness and mental impairment that is similar in effect to alcohol intoxication, caused by breathing air under high pressure. The condition generally becomes evident as you approach 100 feet.

Cold water, poor visibility, and anxiety can exacerbate symptoms, and it will affect every diver at some depth, although susceptibility varies. Despite its ability to cloud a diver’s judgment, nitrogen narcosis is an easy condition to understand and manage.

The only prevention for narcosis is to avoid deep diving. If you feel you might be affected by narcosis, slowly ascend until symptoms subside, and continue the dive at the symptom-free depth. If symptoms do not subside at a shallower depth, suspect other possible causes and end your dive in a safe manner.