• Join the dark side, a popular diving phun referring to the dark side of the force in the Star Wars universe, riddled with mystique, black uniforms, supernatural powers (used for evil of course).

  • This is a story of two parts….

    One part, a thoroughly enjoyable revelation about CCR diving during a series of RedBare CCR test dives, and the other, a delve into what makes the RedBare CCR such a refreshing new / old arrival (we’ll come to that!) on the diving scene.

    My journey toward the RedBare CCR began with a conversation about rebreathers in general. I liked the idea of a CCR for my own ambitions and projects, which needed more time, safety and redundancy without carting around excess cylinder loads. However, recognizing that a CCR has more processes to monitor (O2 monitoring and injection, CO2 removal etc.) for these benefits, meant I wanted a system that made CCR diving simple to use, but offered me access to complex information, and chances to resolve dive or unit problems without ending up on open circuit unless absolutely necessary. So… simple and complex all at the same time? How was that going to work?

  • How many of you have heard of Jacques Cousteau? All of you, right?


    If you don’t know who he is, you need to be on the ‘Horse and Hounds’ or ‘Amateur Rambling in the Cotswolds’ website rather than Scubaverse. He invented SCUBA didn’t he? Didn’t he also write a book called the silent world?

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